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is a historic seaport and harbor city that dominates the historic county of Gloucestershire, in the southwest of England, around 190km west of London and just a few km away from where the River Avon reaches the Atlantic Ocean.

Bristol was the epicenter of the 17th-century spice trade, and it remains a lively and vibrant commercial center, with a reputation for fun and relaxation for groups of friends and families alike.  As a seaport, you can try your hand at watersports of all kinds, from paddleboarding, water skiing, canoeing, rowing, sailing, and more.



If you prefer air over the sea, you won’t be disappointed, as Bristol hosts an annual international balloon fiesta every summer – balloons of all colors and sizes fill the skies above Bristol, and you can take a trip up to get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, a truly unique experience.

Although it boasts some excellent nightlife, with a plethora of lively bars and restaurants, the famous Motion nightclub being a draw for revelers from Europe and beyond, Bristol is also extremely family friendly and has vast green spaces, including parks, gardens, golf courses, and scenic cycling trails on which you can take in the stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge. It also hosts a wide range of festivals, to satisfy all tastes and curiosities, whether those be music, art, history, or even circus skills.

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